Horizon Health Care Group - Horizon refuses to cover my drug plan

Chandler, Arizona 0 comments

I purchased insurance with horizon and for the past 4 months they refuse to cover me for my drug plan and they state that there is an internal problem with care mark.Care mark tells me to go to CVS instead of Rite Aid.

I can't have them to fix this problem. I pay them 1337.00 dollars every month but it seems like they dont care and they want to *** me off. I called them more than 30times in the past 4 months and they just don't care.

This is just sad.What can I do?

Horizon Health Care Group - Do not buy EON Systems Documentor or TPS

Atlanta, Georgia 0 comments
Not resolved

Where do you begin?From top to Bottom the worst experience a doctor can have.

Their owner is a shyster and their staff is terrible. The support is horrible, their software platform Fox Pro is inferior, and their software has more bugs than a camp ground. Don't believe me? Read all the reviews.

They don't have 20,000 customers period. You want to waste $10,000 then buy this software.

Please be warned now and if you talk to their owner Derek Greenwood, don't believe anything he says.I used medisoft for 13 yrs and and didn't like it much but nothing was like working with TPS and Documentor.

Review about: Eon Documentor And Tps.

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